Shine On PB!

Welcome to Shine On PB, a hub for current and historical information on Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  Over the last few years, Pine Bluff has undergone notable changes, including a Main Street downfall (literally, to some extent), followed by a determination to rebuild.  I couldn’t help but to wonder what led to the demise and what the new plans were, as this was my hometown for most of my childhood.  While news articles were helpful in describing the recent downfall, some of the key information on revitalizing and rebuilding came only after multiple, varied iterations of searches.

So I decided to create a site that pulls together the sources of information I gathered.  I hope this site shines a light on PB — hence “Shine on PB.” And I hope also to say to the city as a whole to Shine on:

Shine on, PB, as you revitalize and rebuild.  You’ve been through a lot, from the days of the Quapaw (before you were incorporated), to your days serving as a Civil War refuge, to the current time with bricks recently gathered from your original main thoroughfare.  If you can make it through all these, you must be strong; but your revitalization and rebuilding will make you even stronger.

I have to tell you, while searching for information on the rebuilding, I came across interesting historical information on the town, only some of which I knew (or remembered). As a child of Pine Bluff, I thought this was such a travesty that I was just learning some of this history.  So stay tuned for some historical summaries with links to more detailed original sources on this topic.

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